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CannaMedsGro is dedicated to serving your needs for purpose designed Plant/Grow/Hydroponics lighting with high PPFD/PAR output, for cultivating medicinal cannabis.

 ELPL-T5HO grow lamp arrays
Custom EconoLux ELPL-T5HO lamp arrays installed in a Licensed cannabis grow-op in California
(Photo courtesy of Marigold Lighting)

We bring you great choices of product lines in high quality, purposed designed, energy saving grow/plant lighting with a close match to the McCree curve or the PAR curve - T5HO lamps/tubes for the more budget conscious grower, and fixed spectrum and variable spectrum LED grow lights.

ELPL PRO-LED Plant/Grow Lights are Cannabis grow lights, with a close match to the PAR curve of the McCree curve, rugged design (IP65 rated) with passive cooling (no fans) for greenhouse use, with the closest match to the PAR curve of the McCree curve of any Plant/Grow lights on the market.
LED lighting offers long lifespan (50,000 Hours), high PPFD/PAR output, low heat signature, universal voltage electronic drivers with maximum energy savings.  Our VS series offers variable spectrum so that you can adjust the spectrum to suit the phase of the growth cycle as needed, with a close match to the PAR curve.
T5HO lighting offers high light output, low heat signature, locally obtained commodity fixtures with local electrical approval, and greater flexibility, all at a lower cost, while still saving energy. EconoLux Industries' T5HO lamps use a proprietary blend of rare earth phosphors to tailor the spectrum specifically to your plant's needs.  The EconoLux T5HO, lamps offer a reasonably close match to the PAR curve (plant's light absorption curve), and they produce up to 90% of light useful to plant growth.

ELPL LED Cannabis Plant/Grow Lights

EconoLux ELPL LED Cannabis Plant/Grow Lights

EconoLux's ELPL VS series offers user adjustable, close match to the PAR curve with variable spectrum light output, which allows you to set the balance of Blue, Red and PAR light your plants need to flourish.  The LED-PRO series for greenhouse and controlled growing environment use, offers passive cooling (no fans) and IP-65 (waterproof) fixtures based on the ELPL-LED COB chips, with the closest possible match to the McCree curve or the PAR curve.


We also provide a line of useful accessories for Cannabis cultivation.  We have rope ratchet hangars for your light, and multi-level hanging mesh basket drying racks.

What makes us exceptional?

We can provide LED plant/grow lights with fixed and variable spectrum,   We have dedicated years of research to making plant/grow light that have the closest match to the PAR curve of the McCree curve, within the limits of the technologies used.  Our Pro series fixed spectrum grow lights offer passive cooling (no fans), IP-65 (waterproof), Universal voltage (100~250 VAC) input with UL, CE utilizing our unique and cutting edge 24 band COB light-engines.


HighTimes Reviews EconoLux Lamps

HighTimes Magazine recently published an article entitled "Electric Sunshine, Part 2: Lamps for Marijuana Grow":  

ELPL-T5HO: "These lamps are relatively inexpensive and, when used properly, can easily replace a 400-watt HID lamp. Still, many growers tend to slide these units into nurseries, which is always a great option—but an even better idea is to use them in conjunction with HID lamps for healthier and happier plants. Their cost-effectiveness and lower price tags make them an attractive option for growers looking to boost quality without sacrificing their budget—or the environment."

About CannaMedsGrow

We recognize the many beneficial and healing properties of the Cannabis plant, which has brought relief to many whom pharmaceuticals have failed to help.  More and more jurisdictions are recognizing the medicinal properties of cannabis, and some are even legalizing the plant for recreational use.  We want to help growers by providing lighting with the optimal spectrum and features for cultivating cannabis, as well as providing other useful accessory products for growing this natural medicine.

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