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A Selection of Cannabis News from Around the Net.


Cannabis News Roundup 2020

A selection of Cannabis News items from around the internet that have recently crossed our screens.  Note that links to the full articles were current when they were added to this page... due to the nature of the internet, the links may have changed.


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JANUARY 2020  

Cannabis use rising faster among depressed Americans
Regular cannabis use has risen more quickly among people with depression, and they're less likely to perceive it as risky, compared with people who aren't depressed, a U.S. study suggests.
Researchers examined data collected from a total of almost 729,000 people aged 12 years and older between 2005 and 2017, including any prior-month cannabis use and any depression experienced over the previous year.
By the final year of the study, about 19% of people with depression reported at least some cannabis use, compared with 8.7% of individuals without a recent history of depression. In 2005, about 10.2% of people with depression and 5.7% of individuals without depression used the drug.

Illinois governor pardons 11,000 for low-level marijuana convictions
Illinois governor JB Pritzker granted more than 11,000 pardons for low-level marijuana convictions on Tuesday, describing the step as a first wave of thousands of such expungements anticipated under the state's new marijuana legalization law.

Beware Twitter Bots Spreading False Cannabis Claims
Twitter bots (accounts controlled by software instead of people) are spreading false claims about the medical uses of cannabis, a new study in the American Journal of Public Health shows. Researchers from the University of Southern California found that bot accounts shared health claims about cannabis more often than real accounts during an eight-month span in 2018. Many of the bots stated that cannabis can be used to treat health issues like cancer, Crohn's disease and plantar fasciitis, EurekAlert reported.

Nearly $3.2M in Legal Cannabis Sold in Illinois on First Day, State Says
More than 77,000 transactions netted nearly $3.2 million in marijuana product sales on the first day of legal cannabis in Illinois, the state announced Thursday.
The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation reported 77,128 transactions took place at cannabis dispensaries around Illinois, generating $3,176,256.71 on Day 1.

'There's just no money coming in': Cannabis sector bracing for wave of insolvencies in 2020
Oversupply, declining prices, and a slow rollout of stores in Ontario has led to consecutive quarters of weak revenue for many licensed producers.
Cannabis industry insiders are bracing for a slew of bankruptcies in the coming year as small and medium-sized companies low on cash struggle to raise funds in the downtrodden sector.

Why weed edibles are far more risky than most people think
While the United States is yet to fully nationalize recreational marijuana, our northern neighbors are, as usual, ahead of the curve. Recreational marijuana has been fully legal across Canada since October 2018. That has given Canadian medical researchers ample time to observe the social and public health effects of full, nationwide legalization. And it turns out that edibles - one of the more benign-seeming pot products - have an outsize role in causing problems.
Now, Canadian doctors are warning the public that pot edibles might not be as safe as the general public believes them to be. While it is difficult if not impossible to "overdose" on weed edibles to the point of death, negative effects like anxiety, panic attacks, and psychosis can send consumers to the hospital. Unlike smoked or vaped weed, weed edibles have less predictable effects, take far longer to set in, and resemble quotidian pastries and candies - and these three traits combined have led to many more health and safety issues with edibles than with the plain old leaf.

Forget aspirin, these marijuana-based painkillers are 30 times more powerful
The next revolution in medical marijuana may have nothing to do with cannabinoids. Instead, we're talking about flavonoids, which scientists have known for almost 40 years possess an anti-inflammatory property more powerful than aspirin. But only due to Canada's legalization of marijuana have researchers been able to dig into these cannabis properties with the proper rigor befitting modern science.

Legal cannabis market of UK could pass £2 billion mark by 2024
As the moral hysteria, racism and classism which had for the longest time stigmatised cannabis use finally dies down, governments around the globe are relaxing their laws surrounding the drug. Seeing it as an opportunity to reduce policing costs and open up a valuable new form of tax revenue, 2017 saw Uruguay become the first country to legalise recreational cannabis use, while Canada followed suit in 2018, becoming the first G7 member to do so. In the US, recreational marijuana is legal in nine states, while medical marijuana is legal in 30 - cashing in on the fact 76% of North Americans would try legal cannabis therapeutic products.
As a result, the market for cannabis in North America is projected to boom to $37.9 billion by 2024, according to Prohibition Partners, a cannabis-focused strategy and research consultancy. The firm's Global Cannabis Report also predicted that all 50 US states will legalise recreational cannabis by the end of 2024, due to the economic success of its introduction so far. Legal cannabis is not only on the rise in the Americas, however. With a population of more than double that of the US and Canada, Europe's cannabis market is set to become the world's largest legal cannabis market, having grown more in the last year than the last six combined.

Newfound Cannabis Compound May Be 30 Times More Potent Than THC
Two newfound cannabinoids have been discovered in the glands of the Cannabis plant, and one of them may be at least 30 times as potent as the high-inducing compound THC.
No one knows, however, exactly what effect these cannabinoids actually have on the human body.

Is Cannabis the Answer to Everything?
One evening a few months ago, I lit a joint of Granddaddy Purple. I had arrived home late-again-from work, anxiety knotting in my chest. There was still so much to do, and I couldn't seem to start on any of it. I needed to hustle, but first, I needed to relax. Introduced in 2003, Granddaddy Purple is now one of the most popular cannabis strains, largely for its ability to quickly calm users. Mine came pre-rolled, in recycled packaging printed with soy-based ink, from a Canadian company called 48North; according to the company's website, the strain is "best loved for evenings spent dreaming (without being asleep, that is)." Each strain 48North produces has a suggested situational pairing: tackling your to-do list, giggling with your best friend, enjoying your favorite meal. I just wanted something to make me feel better.

Armed guards, secret location: Inside an illegal marijuana bazaar publicized on Instagram
The address was posted on a Friday night and visible only to a select group of people: the followers of a private Instagram account.
It was a darkened street in downtown Los Angeles. Not long after an NBC News producer arrived, he noticed a figure rushing toward him, a man wearing a bulletproof vest with a handgun strapped to his hip. "Follow me," the man said.

The purple haze over Arizona was caused by a marijuana farm, but it's not what you think
The light from a medical marijuana farm filled the sky over Snowflake, Arizona, with a strange, purple glow on a recent foggy morning.
Cara Smith took a picture of the scene about 6:30 a.m. Friday on her way to work at Copperstate Farms, the largest medical marijuana wholesaler in the state.

Inside America's First Weed Restaurant, Where You'll Be Paranoid for No Reason
The thing you need to know about the food at Los Angeles' Original Cannabis Cafe, America's first legal weed restaurant, is that it is not actually made with marijuana. Sure, pre-made, individually wrapped weed edibles are available for purchase, but your entree will not be cooked with THC butter nor will your dessert kick in on the drive home.

Wisconsin man admits to mixing his mother's cremated remains with marijuana, police say
A Wisconsin couple's drug bust took a strange turn when one of the suspects told police he cut his product with an unusual substance: his mother's cremated remains.
Austin Schroeder, 26, and his girlfriend, 21-year-old Kaitlin Geiger, 21, each face felony drug charges after a tip led authorities to their apartment, WITI reported.

MCSO: Dangerous form of concentrated marijuana, 'crude oil' has hit Arizona black market
A dangerous form of marijuana is flooding across the Arizona border and quickly spreading across the U.S."Seizures are up, our arrests are up, the dangers for our deputies has increased dramatically," said Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone.

Study sheds light on link between cannabis, anxiety and stress
A molecule produced by the brain that activates the same receptors as marijuana is protective against stress by reducing anxiety-causing connections between two brain regions, Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers report.

Bees Absolutely Love Cannabis and It Could Help Restore Their Populations
Bees are major fans of hemp and a recent study has found that the taller the hemp plants are the larger the number of bees that will flock to it.
The new research, spearheaded by researchers at Cornell University and published last month in Environmental Entomology, shows that humans aren't the only fans of weed. The findings also reinforce a study published last year at Colorado State University that discovered the same thing.





Michigan medical marijuana seller gets prison: 'Federal law has not changed,' judge says
The former owner of medical-marijuana dispensaries in several Michigan cities was sentenced Tuesday, Jan. 28, to nearly 16 years in federal prison.
Danny Trevino, 47, of Lansing, who had Hydroworld dispensaries in Grand Rapids, Flint, Jackson, Lansing and elsewhere, had avoided state criminal and civil penalties over the years but was convicted of multiple federal charges.

A Brief Global History of the War on Cannabis
Before the war on drugs put marijuana farmers firmly in its cross-hairs, cannabis was being grown openly and with commercial success on every continent on earth, much as it had been for centuries.
This ancient and extensive history of cannabis farming has given rise to the idea that prohibitions put in place in the mid-20th century were the first of their kind - a whirlwind of racial, political, and economic forces that successfully used marijuana prohibition as a pretext for suppression.

Trump falsely claims that weed makes people "lose IQ points" in secret hour-long recording
President Donald Trump falsely claimed that marijuana makes people "lose IQ points" in a secret recording released by indicted former Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas.
Parnas released the recording, which captured more than one hour of conversation at a private donor dinner with Trump in 2018, to show that the president told him that he would fire then-Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. But the recording, which was apparently captured by Parnas' indicted associate Igor Fruman, also featured Trump discussing Kim Jong Un's golf game, the European Union trying to "screw the United States," the 2016 election . . . and his views on marijuana.

Canberra becomes the first city in Australia to legalise cannabis for personal use
Canberra has become the first city in Australia to legalise cannabis for personal use. As of Friday, Canberra residents over 18 will be allowed to possess 50g of cannabis and grow two plants per person.
A household can only have four plants total and hydroponic growing will remain illegal, The ABC reported.

Bernie Sanders says he would legalize marijuana on his first day as president
In case you were wondering how big a role marijuana will play in the upcoming political season, take a look at Democratic 2020 candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. Two days before the Iowa caucus, Sanders pledged to legalize marijuana by executive order on his first day in office if elected president.
"We will end the destructive war on drugs," Sanders said at a rally in Cedar Rapids. "On my first day in office through executive order we will legalize marijuana in every state in this country."

Illinois legal weed sales total nearly $40M in 1st month
Legal marijuana sales totaled nearly $40 million in the first month in Illinois, the state's Department of Financial and Professional Regulation announced Monday.
Sales totaled $39,247,840.83 and dispensaries sold 972,045 items in January after Illinois legalized marijuana on the first of the year, the department said.

Cannabis Coffee: The Contraband Brew Is a Hit in Indonesia's Aceh Province
Agus plunges a wooden paddle into his coffee and marijuana-filled wok, taking care to roast just the right mix of ingredients - and stay one step ahead of police in Indonesia's Aceh province. His contraband brew is a hit with locals and buyers in other parts of the Southeast Asian archipelago, who pay 1.0 million rupiah ($75) for a kilo of it.

Joe Biden kinda, sorta, almost endorses legalizing marijuana
Former Vice President Joe Biden's opposition to fully legalizing marijuana is well known, but on the campaign trail in New Hampshire this week he appeared to change his position.
"I think it is at the point where it has to be, basically, legalized," Biden said on Tuesday in a recording obtained by POLITICO.

Medical marijuana passes first hurdle toward legalization in Kentucky
A bill that would legalize and regulate medical marijuana in Kentucky passed its first hurdle today.
The House Judiciary Committee approved House Bill 136 with a vote of 17 to one. The passage followed a debate in a crowded committee room in Frankfort.

LA County DA To Dismiss Nearly 66K Marijuana Convictions
In a sweeping move, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced that her office has asked the court to dismiss nearly 66,000 marijuana convictions going back decades.
In a news conference Thursday morning, Lacey called it the largest such undertaking in state history.

Canabetics Pharmaceuticals study shows Canabinnoids CBD and CBG Exhibit Anti-tumor Properties on Gastrointestinal Cancer cells
Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCQB: CNBX), a leader in personalized cannabinoid medicine focused on cancer and its side effects, announced today that in a series of tests conducted at the company's High Through-put Screening (HTS) facility in Israel, it has been shown that the cannabinoids CBC (Cannabichromene) and CBG (Cannabigerol) both exhibit anti-tumor properties, tested on human Gastrointestinal Cancer Cells.

Ten Must-Experience Events For The Cannabis And Psychedelic Community In 2020
Are you experienced? Or have you ever wanted to become part of the cannabis/hemp/psychedelic experience? If only I had this list of interesting experiences earlier, I might have saved some time and money! When I was a young lad, I followed the Grateful Dead around the country. It didn't matter where I was on the bus, the Grateful Dead was going to be there (wherever there was...) sooner or later. The same holds true for these industry expositions and experiences.





MARCH 2020  

11 states where you might be voting on major marijuana reforms this November
Last year wasn't a great one for advancing marijuana legalization at the state level. Despite high hopes for New Jersey and New York, state legislatures in Trenton and Albany couldn't quite get their acts together, and promising efforts petered out. Illinois was the only state to approve marijuana legalization in 2019.

Kentucky House Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana
After years of setbacks, medical marijuana advocates cleared a historic hurdle Thursday when the Kentucky House voted to legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes.
The measure won House passage on a 65-30 vote after an emotional debate, sending the proposal to the Senate. Both chambers are controlled by Republicans.

Canopy Growth to close two greenhouses, cut about 500 positions
Pot producer Canopy Growth Corp (WEED.TO) said on Wednesday it plans to close two of its greenhouses in Aldergrove and Delta, British Columbia, cutting about 500 positions.
The company said it no longer plans to open a third greenhouse in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Canopy had said last month it aims to focus on reducing costs, as it struggles with a slump in weed prices from oversupply and growing expenses.

Boston prepped and ready for first cannabis retail store's grand opening
Boston's first pot shop is set to open Monday and city officials say traffic, parking and security plans will be in place for the big moment.
Pure Oasis LLC in Dorchester is the state's first economic empowerment applicant and the first minority-owned cannabis business in the state.

Pot entrepreneurs flocking to the Bible Belt for low taxes
From their keen taste for sun-ripened pot to their first meeting at a pro-marijuana rally in college in the 1990s, everything about Chip and Jessica Baker fits the stereotype of cannabis country in Northern California, where they lived for 20 years.
Jessica, with wavy hair that falls halfway down her back, is a practicing herbalist, acupuncturist and aromatherapist who teaches classes on the health benefits of cannabis. Scruffy-bearded Chip wears a jacket with a prominent "grower" patch and hosts a marijuana podcast called "The Real Dirt." They started their pot business in rugged Humboldt County when it was the thriving epicenter of marijuana cultivation.

Welcome to the world of craft weed
Not so long ago, beer drinkers didn't have a lot of options. If you wanted beer, you had to choose between Budweiser or Miller Light or a handful of other cheap options. But in the 1960s and '70s, there was a renaissance in the industry. As regional breweries merged and closed, the craft beer movement was gradually born. Today, we're living in a golden age for beer drinkers, with amazing beer from around the world available almost anywhere.
That is the path the legal weed industry might well follow - if things break right. That's the argument that Ryan Stoa, a law professor at Concordia University, makes in his new book Craft Weed.

Virginia lawmakers vote to decriminalize marijuana, set $25 civil penalty for possession
Possession of small amounts of marijuana will no longer be punishable by jail time in Virginia under decriminalization legislation lawmakers sent to Gov. Ralph Northam on Sunday.
"This means close to 30,000 people a year will no longer be labeled as criminals and no longer will suffer the negative repercussions of a criminal conviction," said Sen. Adam Ebbin, D-Alexandria, who carried the legislation in the Senate.

Missouri Senate passes ban on marijuana-infused candy
Missouri senators have passed a bill to ban marijuana-infused candy for medical use. State senators voted 28-1 for the bill Monday. It now heads to the state House.
Senate Bill 523 would prohibit edible marijuana products that could be geared toward children, such as candies or gummies shaped like animals or fruit.

Ghana legalizes cannabis for health and industrial purposes
Ghana has legalized the use of cannabis for health and industrial purposes as it joins other African countries hoping to derive economic and health benefits from the substance. On Friday the country's Parliament passed into law the Narcotics Control Commission Bill, 2019.
The law now makes the country's Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) a Commission with enhanced powers to oversee the industrial use of some narcotic substances.

Canada's Cannabis Stores Face A Rush Amid Coronavirus Stockpiling
Marijuana retailers in many parts of the country are reporting a spike in sales as customers stock up ahead of potential sales disruptions during the COVID-19 outbreak.
And they may not be wrong; Canada's largest cannabis company on Tuesday announced it is temporarily shutting all its retail locations and focusing on online sales.

Black market cannabis more popular than ever in Canada
Investors and companies are losing billions as the black market remains one of the most popular ways to buy cannabis in Canada.
When legalisation of cannabis happened in Canada there was much rejoicing throughout the world. But things are not turning out as well for a variety of reasons.
Legal weed is garbage. According to a Canadian government survey released last month, 40% of the country's cannabis consumers admitted obtaining the drug illegally since legalisation.

Cannabis dispensaries listed as essential businesses under L.A. County coronavirus order
The "safer at home" emergency order just announced by Los Angeles County and the cities within its borders at a Thursday evening news conference requires all indoor malls, shopping centers, playgrounds and nonessential retail businesses to close effective midnight tonight through at least April 19.
Allowed to operate - as long as they observe proper social-distancing guidelines and do not include more than 10 people in one place - are a list of essential services including city and county government services, grocery stores, hardware stores and, wait for it, cannabis dispensaries.

Canadian Cannabis Firms Ask For Help After Thousands Of Jobs Lost
Cannabis companies are calling on Ottawa to provide immediate help for the industry, hurt by the steps taken to slow the spread of COVID-19.
About 71 cannabis firms and organizations have written a letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Industry Minister Navdeep Bains asking for their companies to get access to wage subsidies being made available to small businesses.

Coronavirus Crisis Shows Marijuana Is 'Essential' And Mainstream
Never has it been more clear than during the current COVID-19 pandemic that marijuana has arrived at the forefront of mainstream American society.
In state after state, governors and public health officials are deeming cannabis businesses "essential" operations that can stay open amid coronavirus-related forced closures and stay-at-home mandates. People might not be able to go bowling or see a movie in theaters, but they can still stock up on marijuana.

Coronavirus could accelerate US cannabis legalization
As the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic piles up, U.S. cities and states are set to face significant lost revenue given the loss of business activity.
But, as DataTrek Research's Jessica Rabe writes in a note, "there's a simple and effective solution for states and cities to help cover their huge budget shortfalls after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides: legalize recreational sales of marijuana."
New York, the epicenter of COVID-19 cases in the U.S., might see a revenue drop of $4 billion to $7 billion compared to what it was expecting, according to the state comptroller. With a budget of $87.9 billion, that's significant.



APRIL 2020  

After 4-year delay, DEA will review dozens of requests to grow marijuana for research
After nearly 4 years of what some researchers saw as foot dragging, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced it will evaluate 37 applications to grow marijuana for medical research and proposed new rules for the prospective growers that outline how the cannabis-growing program would work.

Cannabis stores in Ontario no longer deemed essential, will close this weekend
Cannabis stores across Ontario will have to close as of Saturday night after the provincial government removed them from their list of essential businesses.
Many non-essential businesses in the province have been closed under government order since March 24, but cannabis and liquor stores have remained open.
At the time the initial list of what would remain open and what would have to close during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said mental health and addiction experts voiced that is was "absolutely critical" to keep these stores open.

Legal recreational use of marijuana backed by more than half of Kiwis
The majority of people would now vote to legalise recreational cannabis use, a new poll paid for by a medicinal cannabis research company indicates.
The survey of just under 2000 people conducted by Horizon Research found 54 per cent would vote "yes" in the upcoming referendum on legalising recreational cannabis use.

I grew up in an underground cannabis bakery during the AIDS epidemic. Yes, it is essential medicine
During the '70s, my family baked and delivered more than 10,000 marijuana brownies per month in San Francisco. My mom dealt brownies out of my stroller in the Castro district, with weekly stops at Harvey Milk's campaign headquarters and the home of the singer Sylvester. Sticky Fingers Brownies began as party favors at the height of disco extravagance and then changed along with the city. Deliveries continued through the depths of the AIDS crisis and the dawn of medical marijuana.

Legal cannabis resulted in a decrease in opioid prescriptions
A new study analyzed a database of 1.5 billion people with opioid prescriptions between 2011 and 2018. The publishing date was on Dec. 14 2019 in Journal of Health Economics. The study concluded that, there were reductions of 11.8 percent and 4.2 percent of opioid prescription.
Another study, which examined 2011 to 2016 Medicaid data had similar conclusion. "In this population-based, cross-sectional study using the all-capture Medicaid prescription data for 2011 to 2016, medical marijuana laws and adult-use marijuana laws were associated with lower opioid prescribing rates (5.88% and 6.38% lower, respectively)." In addition, the study from December examines all type of prescriptions not only the Medicaid. The conclusion, that Legal cannabis resulted in opioid prescription decrease, is similar to previous studies.

Positive data from 1st clinical trial into cannabis for chronic insomnia
Australian researchers are reporting the initial results from the world;s first placebo-controlled clinical trial testing the efficacy of medicinal cannabis in treating chronic insomnia. The results reveal statistically significant, and dose responsive, improvements to sleep quality using a novel cannabinoid formulation.

Virginia just decriminalized marijuana
On Sunday, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced he approved a bill that will eliminate jail time for simple marijuana possession, leaving a civil penalty with a fine in place. Northam previously said decriminalization was a priority for him, and the newly elected Democratic-controlled legislature soon followed his lead.

Boom times for cannabis businesses as Californians, in a pandemic fog, isolate indoors
If there's one business the coronavirus has kissed with fortune, it's weed. "Business is up, oh, about one hundred percent," said Ryan Moran, operations manager for the Flower Co., a marijuana distributor in Arcata - a small college town, seated on Humboldt Bay, just north of Eureka.
Moran, who hails from New Jersey, said his company provides next-day delivery for communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, and as of Friday, he expected to start next-day service for Los Angeles, too.

FDA Declares Cannabis Drug Epidiolex No Longer A Controlled Substance
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) confirmed that the GW Pharmaceuticals plc (Nasdaq: GWPH) cannabidiol drug Epidiolex is no longer subject to the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). The DEA's letter means that all federal controlled-substance restrictions have been removed for Epidiolex. This change takes effect immediately.
The stock was rising over 3% to lately trade at $85.06 on the news. This further lifts the stock from its 52-week low of $67.98.

Future of Psychedelics - An interactive virtual conference with the top minds in psychedelics Future of Psychedelics, an innovative virtual celebration for psychedelic investors, researchers, the general public and media. You will find renowned psychedelic experts and learn about the latest developments and trends in psychedelic medicine.

Allowing marijuana businesses to open bank accounts could be part of coronavirus stimulus
Legislation allowing banks to provide credit cards and checking accounts to legal cannabis businesses has been stalled in the Senate. But members of Congress are looking to add its provisions to the next coronavirus stimulus bill, NJ Cannabis Insider has learned.

Lebanon becomes first Arab country to legalise cannabis farming for medical use in bid to beat economic crisis
Lebanon has become the first Arab country to legalise cannabis farming for medical and industrial purposes - a move that could generate lucrative exports and foreign currency as the country struggles to cope with a financial crisis.
Although growing the plant was previously illegal, cannabis has long been farmed openly in the fertile and impoverished Bekaa Valley. According to the United Nations, the country is the world's third largest supplier of cannabis resin, or hashish, after Morocco and Afghanistan.

Why Joe Biden could swing votes by campaigning to legalize marijuana
Today is 4/20, the holiday for marijuana enthusiasts around the world.
More Americans are likely to celebrate 4/20 today than ever before. Cannabis sales reportedly skyrocketed just before the coronavirus pandemic began locking down most of the country. One survey similarly showed that marijuana use reached records heights last month.
Marijuana has even become a winning political issue, with a remarkable rise in public support for legalization over the past two decades. Two-thirds of Americans back legal recreational use, up from one-third 20 years ago.

Trials Using Cannabis to Fight COVID-19 Launched in Israel
With nearly 2.5 million confirmed cases and more than 160,000 deaths from the coronavirus, the race is on for a treatment that can fight the deadly respiratory infection that has beguiled doctors worldwide. In this pandemic arms race a number of Israeli researcher labs are launching trials and treatments to treat COVID-19 - and three eye-catching ones are based on cannabis.


MAY 2020  
 Stay Safe - Wash Hands Frequently With Soap - Follow stay-at-home & Social Distancing Requirements

Southern Alberta researchers say medical cannabis could help fight COVID-19
Researchers at the University of Lethbridge say while clinical trials still need to be done, data they've been collecting over the past four years shows promise that some cannabis extracts may help in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.
Olga and Igor Kovalchuk have been working with cannabis since 2015, using varieties from around the world to create new hybrids and develop extracts that demonstrate certain therapeutic properties.

New Research Suggests That Marijuana May Reverse Aging in the Brain
The image of the stereotypical young pot smoker is someone who is dazed, confused, muddled with no motivation to do much of anything. Marijuana has long been known for its psychoactive effects, which can include short term memory loss, problems with attention and concentration and general cognitive impairment.
But now research indicates that the active compound in marijuana may affect older users differently than younger ones. As opposed to leading to learning impairment, memory problems and a general cognitive deficit, the drug may actually reverse age-related cognitive declines in executive functioning.

Ontario's legal pot stores celebrate one year in business - but most cannabis users are still buying illegally
Canada's black market of pot is still riding rampant over licensed retailers, a year into what many say continues to be a slow rollout of brick-and-mortar stores in Ontario and regulatory challenges.
Retail stores in Ontario sold approximately $200 million in recreational pot last year, accounting for the lion's share of just under $300 million in estimated Ontario Cannabis Store recreational sales, said Cheri Mara, chief commercial officer for the OCS. That's far below the estimated $2.9-billion provincial market value.

A secret memo released as part of a recent lawsuit demonstrates how the Trump Administration has quietly blocked marijuana research in the United States.
Lawmakers like Joe Biden have lamented not enough marijuana research exists to end federal prohibition, but scientists have just as often lamented tight regulations from the federal government inhibits legitimate research from occurring.
Since 1968, scientists pursuing marijuana research have had to obtain their cannabis from a 12-acre farm located at the University of Mississippi. The Obama Administration signed legislation late in 2016 that would expand the number of facilities growing marijuana for research, but the Drug Enforcement Agency hasn't granted any licenses four years later.
Thanks to a lawsuit spearheaded by the Scottsdale Research Institute (SRI) and cannabis researcher Sue Sisley, the public now understands why. A 2018 secret memo, released as part of the lawsuit settled, reveals the Trump Administration believes the nearly 50-year-old program in Mississippi has always been illegal. In fact, the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) suggest the restrictions around marijuana research aren't harsh enough.

Cannabis Might Block COVID-19 Infection, Study Shows
While smoking weed definitely won't make you coronavirus-proof, Canadian scientists at the University of Lethbridge have some promising results that might be counted as preliminary evidence that cannabis may block COVID-19 infection.
The study's aim was to find ways to hinder the COVID-19 from finding a host in the lungs, intestines, and oral cavity. The researchers have studied over 400 cannabis strains, and now, they are concentrating on about a dozen they say have the most potential to help prevent the virus.

Could The Coronavirus Compel The US Government To Legalize Cannabis?
Attitudes are changing on cannabis, and as more states legalize marijuana, whether for medical or recreational purposes, it's clear that it's not a matter of if marijuana will be legalized in the U.S., only when. And while COVID-19 may stall the progress that individual states have been making on legalizing pot, the pandemic could help push forward the prospect of legalizing pot federally. Here's why legalization could take place sooner than expected.

The Word 'Cannabis' Appears More Than 'Job' in the Democrats' New Stimulus Bill
Republicans are not happy with the marijuana provisions included in the $3 trillion coronavirus bill introduced by House Democrats this week, calling out lawmakers for using the word cannabis more than job in the economic relief package.
"The bold new policy from Washington Democrats that will kick coronavirus to the curb and save American families from this crisis - here it is, here it is: new annual studies on diversity and inclusion within the cannabis industry," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday during a floor speech.

What California's Best Pot Farmers Are Growing for Summer 2020
It's that time of year when many of the world's best cannabis farmers are in full prep for summer. We reached out to them and asked what strains they are most excited to grow. Here is what they told us.

Virginia governor signs bill decriminalizing marijuanav
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed legislation on Thursday that decriminalizes marijuana possession, joining a majority of states that have ceased treating the drug as a criminal offense.
The new law, which goes into effect July 1, is the latest progressive action taken by state Democrats since taking full control of Virginia's government in November for the first time in more than two decades.

Oregon legal marijuana sales hit $89 million in April
April 2020 now stands as the month with the largest record of legal marijuana sales, which rose to 45 percent compared to 2019 sales. Cannabis proponents say the COVID-19 pandemic and the push for legalization could be the catalyst. So far, there has been a universal push for federal marijuana legalization across the US, with supporters saying it would generate tax revenue, create employment, and boost the economy.

Some Pa. Republicans are open to legalizing marijuana after coronavirus blew a hole in the budget: 'It's inevitable'
There's a gaping budget hole caused by an economy in tatters.
There's growing voter support and some assurance that the issue is no longer political poison. And there are tax windfalls, potentially huge revenues to be gleaned, if a bill can win bipartisan support in Harrisburg.
For those reasons, some Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania are coming around - if slowly - to the idea of legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use.

Legal cannabis hemp oil effectively treats chronic neuropathic pain
Researchers examine the effectiveness of consuming hemp oil extracted from the whole Cannabis plant using a chronic neuropathic pain animal model. Researchers at The University of New Mexico (UNM) showed that legal Cannabis hemp oil reduced mechanical pain sensitivity 10-fold for several hours in mice with chronic post-operative neuropathic pain.


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