Case Studies

Cases where our LED Grow-lights improved crop yields.

Cases Studies

This section lists some of the more recent field trials of our advanced LED grow-lights with close match to the McCree curve and natural sunlight... Both with cannabis and with other types of crops.

Hong Kong Aquaponics Greenhouse

We have provided a Hong Kong Aquaponics Greenhouse with a sample of our 45W Linear LED grow light. These are the preliminary test results from the first growth cycle which showed that exposure to the McCree curve light (with extra UV and blue), increased the size of the red lettuce by 3 times!

French Cannabis Grow-Test

We provided one of our PRO-LED-200WTM Grow Lights (since discontinued and replaced with the more compact and lighter weight PRO-LED-100TM lights). After two trials, the 200W lights with McCree curve spectrum grew about 16% more Cannabis than the previous 400W HPS light while saving more than 50% in energy costs, and with significant heat reduction.