PRO-LED Series

The World's only 90~95%% match to the McCree Curve Cannabis LED Grow-lights.

PRO-LEDTM McCree Series LED Grow-lights

The PRO-LED Grow-lights are Fixed spectrum lights, with a remarkable 90+% match to the McCree Curve, an 80+% match to Sunlight, Passive cooling, with your choice of 60°, 90°, or 120° borosilicate glass lenses.  The PRO-LED 100W lights are ideal for cloning areas, small grows, or as supplemental lighting. Give your plants the light they need to grow and thrive with the PRO-LED Series.

PRO-LED 100W McCree curve LED grow light

The PRO-LEDTM McCree Series LED Grow Lights, are a professional grow-lighting fixture with premium MeanWell HBG-100 series UL and CE approved drivers, over-spec passive heat-sinks, and high quality borosilicate glass lenses.
The spectrum of the lights are based on the latest scientific research and utilises the ELPL-MC COBs, which have a 90+% match to the McCree Curve, and an 80+% match to sunlight.
TM LED Lights are designed for the rigors of high-humidity Greenhouse environments. They are water resistant (IP-54) and have no fan as they are a passively cooled light (convection cooling), and they are made from durable, rust resistant, powder coated. aircraft grade aluminum for a long lifespan.

PRO-LED-100 McCree Certifications

TM LED Grow Lights are equipped with the 100 Watt ELPL-MC COB which is based on the latest scientific research. It is unique in that it is the world's first LED COB to offer a 90+% match to the McCree curve (see What Light Do Plants Need?)
They can be used in groups (with 7 PRO-LED lights [700W] replacing  one 1,000W HID light) for commercial scale growing saving over 35% in energy costs.


The McCree curve is the spectral curve that scientists have determined is the best for growing a variety of crop plants (see What Light Do Plants Need?). Our PRO-LEDTM light has a 90~95% match with the McCree curve - see chart on right.
The extra UV and blue light (compared to most grow-lights) provided in this spectrum is ideal for applications such as growing leafy green plants (lettuce, kale, arugula, etc.,), herbs (parsley, rosemary, basil, etc.,) and for germination and cloning of Cannabis plants. UV light is also a major contributor to the production of resins in Cannabis plants.
The plethora of red light in the spectrum insures that these lights are also ideal for growing all types of flowering and fruiting plants.

ELPL-Mc-100W PPFD spectrum Vs. the McCree curve
As you can see from the spectrum graph above, the light output of the PRO-LED Series has a 90~95% match to the McCree curve, and a more than 80% match to the spectrum of sunlight - exactly the spectrum your plants need.

The graphs (below), from our plant/grow light spectrometer, measuring in PPFD (PAR)*, shows a comparisons of the PRO-LED Mc 100W
TM spectrum, to various standard curves for Chlorophyll A, Chlorophyll B, and Beta Carotene - the light absorbing compounds in plants responsible for growth. The PRO-LEDTM Grow Lights match to these curves is very close due to the ELPL-MC COBs careful construction, and the use of our self-developed and proprietary Mc85 phosphor coating.

ELPL McCree curve COB comparison charts

MeanWell HBG-100 Series LED Driver

The PRO-LEDTM McCree LED grow-lights are built with the most advanced, proprietary, LED technology to insure maximum output, a close match to the McCree curve spectrum, long service life, and maximum energy savings.
The drivers are premium quality, MeanWell brand HBG-100 series, with a metal case, and with universal (100~250VAC, 50/60Hz) power input, thus they can work almost anywhere. (Higher input voltage models, and models with DALI are optionally available.) The drivers are also IP65 rated, CE and UL approved, and come with a 5 year warranty.

The housings of the PRO-LED
TM LED lights are carefully designed, with internal heat-pipes and large heat-sink fins for effective passive cooling of a 125W COB. There is 25% more cooling capacity than needed - this means no noisy, high maintenance fans. With an IP-54 water and dust proof rating, they are well suited to the high humidity conditions found in greenhouses.

PRO-LED 100W with 95% match to the McCree curve growing Wasabi
PRO-LED 100W with 95% match to the McCree curve growing Wasabi

TM LED lights can save 25% to 30%, and often more, in energy costs compared to conventional metal halide or high-pressure sodium grow lights. They also save time and money on maintenance as the annual bulb changes required by typical conventional lights is not needed anymore.
These savings are available while providing a perfect spectrum with a close match to the McCree curve and the spectrum of Sunlight, with an increased crop yield due to the additional wavelengths of light that are not available from the typical LED grow-lights.

ELPL-PRO-LED-100W-120 100 Watts  - 90+% match to the McCree curve

Average output at 30.5cm - 60° lens = 660 PAR/PPFD - 90° lens = 549 PAR/PPFD

ELPL-PRO-LED-100W-90 90°
ELPL-PRO-LED-100W-60 60°


POWER: Universal input of 100~300 VAC, 50/60Hz - MeanWell drivers. Higher voltage models optionally available. Power factor = 0.88 @ 115VAC, 0.95 @ 230VAC and 0.92 @ 277VAC

DIMENSIONS: All models measure 222mm [8.74in] diameter, 285mm [11.2in] high (Not including the hanging eye bolt)

PACKED DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: 225*225*311mm [10.03*10.03*12.2"]- Gross weight: 4.1KG (9.03 Lbs)

The charts below show the coverage area of the PRO-LEDTM LED lights, along with the average PAR/PPFD at various distances from the lights, with the most popular 60° and 90° lenses installed. We recommend the 90° lens for most applications where the lights will be hung about 30.5 cm (12') above the plants. We recommend the 60° lenses for greater hanging heights (46cm - 18"). Other beam-spread lenses (45° and 120°) lenses are optionally available.

 PRO-LED-100 McCree Curve Grow-light PAR/PPFD Readings

  *PPFD: Lighting for plants is different from lighting for humans. Light energy for humans is measured in lumens, with light falling onto a surface measured as illuminance with units of lux (lumens per square meter) or foot-candles (lumens per square foot). Light energy for plants on the other hand, is measured as photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR), with light falling onto a surface measured as photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD). Lumens are for humans - PPFD/PAR are for plants!

   DOWNLOAD - PRO-LED 100-Mc LED Grow-light Info Sheet - Jan 2018.pdf